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What is relationship? What is family?

I have created and idealistic idea of what relationships should be and what family represents.

Idealistic idea.

So it hit me. I’m a realist.

Because I understood that everything in life is a choice, even family. And sometimes you don’t get chosen.

You have to be strong for yourself, because no one will.


Congratulations to anyone who’s graduating!

Love google’s films, so real and raw :D

It’s just a phase. It’s not forever….
John Mayer.

It’s been two years that I arrived at Orlando, FL. I remember packing my things, living my house and say goodbye for my family.

Sometimes I catch myself thinking how brave I was living my country, my family, my friends and love ones. Today after all difficults and all the tears I’m proud of the decision that I made.

I met amazing people in that journey and I learned and I continuum to learning a lot. Great and amazing things is going to come.

Soundtrack: One Republic - Good life.